The west coast of S. Antioco in a horse riding ready to be enojoyed.

In this second trail that we suggest you in S. Antioco island the starting point is the known fountain of Cannai, it’s an ancient animal drinking-trough placed in a valley named Cannai too.

We will start from here the tour and we will go through an itinerary that takes us into the ruins of Su Semafuru, a historical stop light postation placed in height to guard the bay of Palmas.

After enjoying this unique view given by this strategical hill that it’s an excellent point where it’s possible to admire all the sea around, we will go crossing the mediterranean vegetation to a place called Portu Sciusciau with a picturesque view of the cavern of Sirene.

Then we will visit the nuragic village of Grutti’e Acqua and the grave of the Giant placed in Su Niu’e su Crobu. The last stop before to come back is the beautiful Calasapone with its arms of cliff that hug the sea drawing a charming cove where it’s possible to enjoy multicoloured sunsets.