It’s a horse trail for experts discovering the Eastern coast of S.Antioco island.

Arrived in S.Antioco by van, we will set down the horses in the area of the ex quarries of Palmas, from here we wil go to the beautiful beach of Maladroxia in a ride through the mediterranean vegtation to go down the coastline in south direction to the wild beach of Coe’ Cuaddus, then we will go to Turri with its majestic tower of the 700 that dominates the headline and with its inner bays that are sometimes sandy and sometimes rocky, it depends on the sea’s whims.

Getting back this incredible and unparalleled view offered by this piece of coast, we will go up the island going through the inland and we will reach the valley of Cannai from where we will come back to the starting point.

It will be a great experience rich of stops that will get you to know the Eastern coast of S. Antioco being extremely fascinated.